About Us

We identify small projects and causes within communities in the UK South America and Africa that need a helping hand to achieve their target and dream. Be it a youth centre in London raising money for a new sports hall or a small village in Tanzania trying to build a fresh water well.

Often these causes may be too small and slip through the large corporate charity’s net and that’s where Cheers for Cheer can step in and use our network to support.

“Cheers for Cheer, an innovative and inspiring charity who are supporting me in the fight to provide clean water – a basic human right” – Sonya Sanghera 

“Cheers For Cheer supports the voice of the un-heard”

We’re a charity that can help almost anyone. We celebrate the strength we have when we all get together and fight for the same cause.

It’s important that people feel passionate and inspired by what we do. We want support to come with a sense of pride and ownership, not through a sense of guilt or obligation.

“We get by with a little help from our friends”

Our feature project: WE DID IT! We raised in excess of £50,000 which directly installed four clean water wells in the remote and rural village of Mseko, located in the Singida region of Tanzania.

We supported Sonya’s humanitarian and independent mission to provide a birth right – clean water, to over 4000 people. Mseko community now has access to clean, safe drinking water!

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Easy Donating

Simply text “CFCD99” and your donation amount to 70070

e.g. “CFCD99 £3.50”

Cheers for Cheer is a Restricted Fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund, Registered Charity number 1099682